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I was in Italy and I was not leaving without an orange leather handbag, shoes, a wallet, scarves and a belt! But I needed a deal and was hoping not to pay $1,500 for the handbag!

Fortunately the Prada Outlet – SPACE was about a 30-minute drive from Florence and we were driving to Siena – all very convenient for a stop and shop en-route!


We arrived just after opening at 10am and by the time we left a couple of hours later the place was buzzing.

Whilst SPACE looks like a smart warehouse from the outside once inside it is very much a department store size Prada shop.


There are departments for women’s bags, accessories, shoes, and clothing. They also have a selection of men’s clothing, accessories and shoes.  In addition to Prada the Miu Miu brand is also carried and generally much cheaper. A huge choice and when you see something you like, hold on to it, as it most probably won’t be there when you make up your mind! When I was there a bit of a ‘shopping frenzy’ was underway as tourist buses of Asians had arrived and they love their designer accessories.

Whist the majority of the items are supposedly last season, many of the designs will not make it to Australia! I bought my orange leather handbag at around a 35% discount that has since been admired by both men and women!!

To enter the shop during the ‘busy season’ you have to take a number before entering, there is number dispenser outside the building.  You can’t enter until your number is called or flashed on a screen. We went in mid week early May and there were no queues. When you buy something the salespeople will take your purchases to the cashier and showing your number can only claim them. The salespeople speak English. If it is busy allow up to an hour minimum to checkout, as the queues can be quite long.

My shopping goals achieved we headed off to Siena an hour’s drive away with a renewed focus on sightseeing and culinary activities; it was 2pm and lunch was beckoning!


Prada Outlet (Lo Spaccio, or Space, or I Pellettieri D’Italia)
Loc. Levanella – Montevarchi
Tel: 055 91901
Monday – Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 9:30am-7pm
Sunday 2pm-7pm
(Opening times may vary – request the hotel to double check)