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It’s all about whom you meet on the journey.

New Jersey was on our RoadTrippers itinerary (www.roadtrippers.com) from Miami to Connecticut. As part of the planning process my friend had organised we stay with her friends in Connecticut and visit the Guitar Exhibit at the Liberty Science Museum New Jersey.

Little did I know that we would be staying at the home of the founders of The National Guitar Museum, the first museum dedicated to the evolution and cultural impact of the guitar.

New Jersey has a rich history of contributing talent to the music world, to name a few: Jon Bon Jovi, Debbie Harry, Whitney Houston, Ice-T, Jonas Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Manuel Barreugo and Franki Valli (think Jersey Boys – Musical and Movie).

Guitar Jan
A Toowoomba girl channeling Debbie Harry!!

The Spanish brought guitars to America in the late 1500s and the English brought their own versions on the boats that followed the Mayflower. Every year, there are over 3 new million guitars sold in United States alone – That’s more than all other instruments combined!

The National Guitar Museum exhibit: “GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World” currently at the Liberty Science Museum in New Jersey is booked at sites across America for the next several years. The founders are hopeful of one day bringing it to Australia and New Zealand.


This exhibit includes over 60 remarkable instruments, many I had never seen before, or for that matter heard of, such as:

  • Early Fender, Gibson, Ovation, and Martin guitars (from circa 1835 to present)
  • A Ztar Z7S synthesizer guitar with a button for every fret and string – 204 in all
  • The Rock Ock, the only playable guitar with 8 necks
  • A stunning PRS Dragon guitar inlayed with 238 pieces of gold, red and green abalone; mother of pearl; and woolly mammoth ivory
  • Guitars with outrageous paint jobs and shapes designed for rockers like Steve Vai Steven an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer who has sold over 15 million albums.

Guitars 2

Travel on the road in East Coast America was not just about the diners, sticking to I-95 highway, the history or the bed & breakfasts – so many quirky and fascinating opportunities present themselves!

Liberty Science Center
Liberty State Park
222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305
National Guitar Museum